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Longtime IAVH member and IAVH co-founder Jacques Millemann has died.

Jacques Millemann, co-founder of the IAVH and a teacher, friend, and supporter, passed away July 28, 2021

Our community sadly lost a valued and loved member on July 28, 2021, when Jacques Millemann passed away at the age of 86.  Jacques was born in Laon (France) in 1935. He studied at the National Veterinary School of Al fort and in 1960 he presented his doctoral thesis.
In 1963 he settled as a rural veterinarian in Soultz-sous-Forêts. Disappointed by conventional medicine, Jacques become interested in homeopathy. In 1976 he published his first homeopathic case studies. 

Jacques Millemann became a teacher in the French Homoeopathy Society (SHV), with fruitful cooperation between supporters of different homeopathic directions. Dr. Millemann is also a founding member of the IAVH.
Dr. Millemann’s contributions to the homeopathy world include the development of the Materia Medica for homeopathic veterinary medicine (MMHV). Since many colleagues contributed case studies to this work, Jacques donated the author's fee to the IAVH with the aim of further developing the MMHV and making it available for homeopathic colleagues worldwide.

In 2011, at the Congress of Veterinary Homeopathy in Olten (Switzerland), Jacques Milleman was named an honorary member of the IAVH. Although he retired in 2000, Jacques coordinated the MMHV project in IAVH for many years.  

We have lost one good teacher, excellent homeopath as well as one good colleague.

Ilze Pētersone, IAVH President, representing the IAVH officers and board


The following is a personal tribute from long-time IAVH member Stefan Kohlrausch:

Docteure Jacques Millemann

A generous, reliable, open minded, tolerant and passionate professional.

As a veterinarian he treated all kinds of pets and farm animals and he was well known as a breeder and strict judge of large French dog breeds.

Jacques’ look hardly changed since I have known him and that's three decades now and so he was always the same.

One must imagine him exactly as the dear God in heaven should look, a round belly, an enormous white beard and always polite and courteous behavior. 

He has always used his wisdom in many ways, both human and spiritual, to do good. He never criticised anyone personally or treated them unjustly, even when he was upset based on his overwhelming knowledge and experience. 

With homeopathy, his specialty was his analytic look on a case, choosing as few symptoms as possible according to Hering`s chair. Many times he came up with a remedy totally unknown to most others. For example, Bungarus fasciatus in cases of spine trauma. 

If we have a look at his Materia Medica Veterinaria we can easily see that he was the Julius Mezger of veterinary medicine. 

Presenting tiny homeopathic details by heart as well as understanding the center of a case made him an extraordinary teacher and a special colleague.

We became friends when we met the first time and have worked together on many occasions and for many years. After having met him once, a fellow homeopath would never get forget him.

Whenever he was invited to give a lecture or a seminar, he would go, even far away, without asking if there will be any money to earn.

My favorite sentence he repeatedly said was: “I did not get rich by doing homeopathy but I have got many friends. “ 

Jacques’ concern has always been sharing his knowledge and he was so generous to offer to some of us teachers a lot of his presentations without any limitations of use.

But not only this, long ago he transferred to the IAVH quite a big income he made by selling his MMV books. He gave the rights for his MMV to the IAVH to use the funds for the good of veterinary homeopathy.

He did not complain about all the critics against homeopathy. Jacques just responded in a well-thought, subtle manner, using detailed knowledge and medical wisdom in a way that was difficult to disprove. As he said, “I have once more thrown some crow`s feet.“

Another therapeutic skill was his golden hands. Jacques often used them during breaks when someone had some pain or headache to restore wellbeing. Once I had a need for that and I can tell it was very gentle but full of energy.

In deep friendship and respect



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