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Spring Seminar 2024 - Personality Homeopathy

The plant theory shows its value daily in practice. It is always wonderful to see how difficult problems and diseases get healed and how people feel their old selves again.

Spring Seminar 2024


Speaker: Jan Scholten

Personality  Homeopathy

Date: 09. - 11.05.24

Topics: Plant theory

Case Analysis





Language: English

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Australia's NHMRC finally release the first report, which concluded that homeopathy is in fact effective.

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The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), bowing to public pressure and to legal investigation into possible wrongdoing,…

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New Research Database by LMHI and FIAMO

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See the new database by Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis and Federazione Italiana Associazioni e Medici Omeopati

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Small Victory, Major Implications!

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Brussels rejects the Spanish request to change the law on homeopathy- A minor win with potentially major implications.

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