Materia Medica Project (MMHV)

The Veterinary Materia Medica project (MMHV) of the IAVH began with the generosity of Dr. Jacques Milleman, who has published quite a number of remedy descriptions, first in French, and later published in German by Sonntag-Verlag in 2005 and 2007, respectively. Jacques has donated the proceeds of the German books to the IAVH to fund the MMHV, so that the materia medica project can continue to be a living, growing body of knowledge. Edward de Beukelaer has begun the monumental task of translating and adapting Jacques’ work, with Edward’s own experience, based upon Marc Brunson’s work, into English. Each remedy he completes will be available exclusively to IAVH members. Additionally, all IAVH members with experience are invited to submit their own remedy descriptions and case reports.

Other IAVH members, including Marcela Muñoz, Minako Kuroda, Bernhard Hornig, and Andrea György have translated some of the documents into Spanish, Japanese, German, and Hungarian, respectively.

The goal of the MMHV is to provide members with veterinary-focused descriptions of homeopathic medications, and these descriptions should not only be a product of multiple contributors, but they should also grow and develop over time. This should help all IAVH members to improve their homeopathic practice by improving understanding of our homeopathic medicines as they are utilized in animal patients.