The aims of the IAVH

Promotion and expansion of the understanding of veterinary homoeopathy

Knowledge in the area of veterinary homoeopathy is promoted and disseminated by means of the IAVH's organisation of or participation in congresses. As well as specialist discussion of research and practice, an opportunity is provided to make and maintain personal contacts as a means of stepping up national and international co-operation. A regular newsletter provides information on the state of development of veterinary homoeopathy.
The IAVH supports the adherence to compulsory minimum standards within veterinary homoeopathic activities. The IAVH's training, testing and examining of future homoeopathic veterinaries and its efforts to gain international recognition for the IAVH certificate are steps currently being taken to attain this goal.

Cooperation with associations with similar goals

Within the framework of its goal of providing veterinary homoeopathy with the best possible basis to represent its interests, the IAVH maintains intensive contact with further national homoeopathic veterinary groups in Europe and countries abroad outside of Europe. Congresses held together are just one example of co-operation on an international level, and specialist discussion is useful for the promotion of knowledge and the benefit of homoeopathic veterinary medicine.

Promotion of international exchange of knowledge in veterinary homoeopathy

The organisation of a discussion forum within the framework of the IAVH's web appearance is useful for the uncomplicated exchange of knowledge and experience of homoeopathic veterinaries world-wide.
In particular, concrete provision of help in concrete issues is the focus of this facility. The opportunity to have direct, up-to-date exchange of information with an international forum of practising veterinary homoeopaths gives homeopathic practice as solid a base as possible.

Support for national and international research projects within the area of veterinary homoeopathy

In addition to information exchange on current projects, the IAVH provides a comprehensive archive of empirical material and research reports.
Please note the IAVH takes the view that, as veterinarians our primary responsibility is to alleviate and prevent suffering in animals. For this reason the Association will not support any homeopathic research which involves animal suffering, whether from neglect or by study design.

Support in the formation of national organisations relating to veterinary homoeopathy

The IAVH supports national organisations for homoeopathic veterinarians which are currently in development by means of help with conferences and congresses and use of IAVH's infrastructure.
In particular, the IAVH sees the standardisation of the veterinary homoeopathic training course as being a means towards the international recognition of the profession, and provides teaching personnel and educational material for this purpose.

Action promoting the respecting of the interests of homoeopathic veterinarians on a political level

For the preservation and promotion of the interests of veterinary homoeopathy, the IAVH maintains contacts with political decision makers on a national and international level.