Chris Day

The IAVH is the International Association for Veterinary Homoeopathy

It was founded in 1986 with the goal of maintaining and promoting understanding of homoeopathic veterinary medicine. 
IAVH committed itself in particular to long-term work for the benefit of animal health within the framework of a wider medical perspective and in harmony with the goals of ecological farming. Clinical research, publications and exchange of experiences within the framework of conferences and congresses as well as seminar activities and training courses in the area of veterinary homoeopathy form core areas of our work. 
The construction of an international network and a representation of interests on a political level are logical consequences of the IAVH's endeavours to promote the concerns of veterinary homoeopathy world-wide. As well as the personal involvement of our members, our well-developed communication contributes towards realising IAVH's goals.

The following countries are represented by a National Secretary in our association:
Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, France, Greece, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, the USA, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Moreover, we have members in Australia, Bulgaria, New Zealand, India, Japan, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, the Czech Republic and Turkey

What we offer

The activity of IAVH on a political level – for example in the discussion of the accreditation of homeopathic remedies – and also as advocates for the interests of practicing homoeopathic veterinarians on national levels is working for the benefit of the veterinary homeopathy on a global level.

Additionally we offer more specific advantages to our members.

These include

  • Admittance to the international search list for homeopathic veterinarians
  • Discounts and opportunities to attend international congresses
  • Contacts to working groups of homeopathic working colleagues
  • Discussion forum for veterinary homeopathy on the internet homepage
  • Procurement of traineeships and working experiences
  • Advanced training and further education by certified teachers
  • Acquirement of the internationally recognised IAVH certificate in veterinary homeopathy
  • Cost reduction for IAVH seminars
  • Cost reduction for veterinary homeopathic literature and software
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Complimentary listing in the job market section of the IAVH newsletter and on the IAVH Website
  • Information brochures for display in the practice